It’s Me Zack!

Zack Worthy

Anime or animation is an amazing world of entertainment. In games, movies and videos we see anime characters a lot. But there is no certain space where we can know only about anime. If there is, there is only a few. This idea brought us together and motivated to create a world of anime only.

There is a certain group of people who are interested in Anime. The way they look, the way they talk, some people just love them. Zack Worthy is also enthusiastic about this amazing world of anime. So, he created this website to open the door of an amazing world to you too.

This website is created for people who already love it and people who do not. And it is created in such a manner that you will start loving anime if you still don’t. This website will lead you to wonderful facts and information about anime. Soon you will be lost in this website

So, welcome to our site and welcome to the amazing world of anime. Have fun!

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