The Best Short Anime Series


Anime series are a very addictive and captivating type of programme that is not only educational but exciting; very few anime series are preferred if they do not have much action in them; the anime universe love action so much and it is one of the key points when choosing the type of anime that you like to watch. It is very hard to put the short anime series in rating mostly because not a big percentage of the anime universe watch the short series and this is because they are simply as their name suggests; short. It is very frustrating when you get into an anime series and then it just ends. This is the reason why most of the anime world loves to watch the longer anime such as One Piece, Naruto or Bleach.

However, there are some short anime series out there that do have to be given proper recognition for being very epic despite their short span nature. One of them is the series known as Deadman Wonderland. This is quite the anime with a very good storyline. Since it is a short series it is a bit rushed but that is to be expected. The main character is a young boy called Ganta who is framed for a mass murder of his classmates and his is given abilities by the hooded killer who happens to be the real mass murderer. The concept of the characters in the series using blood to fight is very original and exciting to watch.


The next on that has really been liked by people is the short series known as Death note. It even has one of the best anime series arcs known today which is the ‘L arc’, and it just shows how good it really is. This anime involves two geniuses, one who is a heartless killer while another who is a detective investigating the strange murders that are happening. Never has there been a well thought out anime series with so much intellectual involvement in the past 5 years. It is a very captivating anime series and this is one of those series that really does make you feel like crying when you realize that it is a short series anime and it will not last for very long.

The other anime series that ought to be mentioned is the K project anime series. A very action packed anime with a very elaborate storyline. It has its setting in the tech advanced city of Shizume which is led by different kings at the same time; you can think of them as nobles. Each of the kings has groups or factions that operate under them and they can control them. The 2 most featured of the groups that are in the anime series are the Red king as well as the Blue king. The main character is known as Yashiro and he is forcefully dragged into the war between the groups when he is accused of having killed a member of the Red king group and that is when the real fight starts; and he now has to fight for his life. It is very captivating and the action is marvellous to say the least really.

There are a lot of these short anime series out there that should have been mentioned such as Beserk and Another which are also very good. The short series anime sector is a good place to go if you would like that non-committal anime and you would not like to get too wrapped up in what you are watching. The anime world is very nice and can be a good way to spend your time instead of always watching movies. It is a place for all and is very welcoming.

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