The Best Anime Story Arcs of All Time

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The anime world is a very hard one to live in and it is very hard to impress and to get into any list of being top at anything is very difficult. A story arc in this case is an extension of a storyline or a continuation of it in any episodic storytelling. This can be in a comic series, in a television series or in films and books and each episode follows a specific narrative arc. Trying to categorize which arc is very hard in any sector, but it is especially hard to do it for anime series seeing as there are thousands of anime series out there it is very difficult to choose but just like anywhere else, there are those anime series that stand out more than others in the bunch and this is because they are defined by very captivating and amazing anime story arcs.

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The one arcs that most people of the anime universe have rated as being one of the most incredible story arcs of all time is the Marine ford arc from the one of the top anime today; One Piece. It is a very captivating section which will keep you glued to the screen and leave you not only entertained but very emotional. It has very many sides to it but all in all it is about a war that marks the start of a new era and the end to the Whitebeard era. It introduces very many big and strong characters and sides of many of the characters that we did not know about. It is very emotional when Luffy’s brother dies but it is all for a purpose and the meaning behind this arc is the main reason why most of the anime universe seem drawn to it and call it the best story arc.

The other story arc that has captured the hearts of many but was at the top before the One Piece series had become popular is the Soul Society arc of the anime series Bleach. It comes very early on in the series and it is very inviting and captivating as well. It was at the very top for a while before the Marine ford arc came along. It involves Ichigo going to soul society so as to save Rukia and the action you see in this arc is breath taking. Ichigo’s incredible increase in power owing to his determination not to give up gives you goose bumps as he faces some of the very strong characters in the anime series. It will leave you rooting for Ichigo and is the basis for the beginning of the Arrancar saga of the Bleach anime series.

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The other anime arc that can really rival the two above is the Invasion of Pain arc from the Naruto Shippuden anime series. It is an action packed arc with all the emotion that you can imagine from then main character Naruto and the other characters as well. Naruto ends up fighting some of the most fierce enemies yet; specifically Nagato Pain who has cleverly been able to divide himself to 6 bodies and thus cause havoc. The Hidden leaf village is nearly destroyed in the process and this is all because of Pain. Naruto gets to let loose as he loses control and lets the fox out as he struggles to keep his consciousness in check but he nearly loses it when he meets his father. It is very emotional and very exciting to watch and it is not hard to keep up with because your eyes will be glued to the screen so you will have no problem following.

These are some of the best anime arcs of all time. Check out the Short Anime Series here.

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