Best Harem Anime Series Recommendations

Harem Anime Series

Harem Anime movies or series involve a man romancing with a lot of women. Normally when you hear the words Harem or Ecchi then you will feel that these two are similar kind of movies, but they are quite different. Many people do this but they are completely different from each other. Normally anime are very interesting and entertaining as well. Let us have a look at the best Harem Anime series recommended for you.

  • Sekirei – There are many people who love watching anime movies and this is one of those interesting movies. This is a super duper hit anime and the reason is just because of the girls in the anime. A girl named Musubi falls from the sky and her butts fall on a 19 years old young boy named Minato Sahashi. This anime involves many girls with heavy boobs fighting with each other.
  • Kiss x Sis – The relationships in this anime are really confusing as sisters confess their lust for his younger brother. Keita Suminoe has two sisters who get attracted towards their brother, but the boy starts avoiding them after he comes to know about it. Later when he joins the same school then he himself gets attracted to them and luckily they are his cousin sisters else you can expect this anime to be a flop.
  • Bake / Nisemonogatari: This is a very interesting harem anime. The complete story is about Koyomi Araragi who is a Vampire but want to turn in to a human being completely. On this process of becoming Human, this vampire meets many girls. The conversation between this vampire and girls makes it a perfect harem anime.
  • Rosario + Vampire: If you are bad at your school then you will definitely be suspended from the school and you will have to join another school. The same thing happened with Tsukana Aono who was very bad at academics and had to make to another school. He was not aware that the students of the school are all vampires. He plans to leave the school but falls for a vampire Moka and starts getting attracted towards her.
  • Freezing: This is an anime which involves battles between aliens and super female. Normal women start transforming in to super female and start fighting with aliens. Are you thinking that how can this movie be called a harem anime then you must watch this movie. The normal women when transferring in to super women get nude for a short time and that makes it an interesting harem anime.
  • Girls Bravo: This is about a young boy who is not interested in women but always gets bullied by women and one day unfortunately falls in a bath tub. This bath tub takes him in to a place where you will be able to find just women and then the story takes a different turn.
  • Heaven’s lost property: This is a story about a young boy named Tomoki Sakurai who one day finds a meteor which is falling from the sky. That was a female and he saves that the girl. After saving her, he makes her as his servant. This young boy is very horny and tries to fulfill all his fantasies through this female meteor.
  • Kanokon: An interesting story about one young boy and two female wolfs. Kouta Oyamada is the young boy who was chased by Chizuru but later another woman joins the game and her name is Nozomu. She also likes this young boy. Now the play gets more interesting when two girls are fighting for the same boy but the young boy just enjoys this game.

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